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Sertraline is available on the market under various brand names, and Zoloft, approved by FDA in 1991, is one of the most commercially successful medications of the last decade in the US. The preparation is included in the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs); it is manufactured by Pfizer (the formulation was changed since 1991) and the necessary approval was provided. Zoloft is available by prescription only at physical drugstores.

According to statistics reports as for 2011 published at, the medication was ranked third in the list of the most assigned antidepressant medications in the US with around 37ml. unit prescriptions issued in 2011. Indications for use and mechanisms of action

Dosage & administration

The preparation is prescribed to adults for major depressive disorders treatment; it is also used as a part of treatment complex in children diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety. The effectiveness of Zoloft is comparable with an older generation of tricyclic antidepressant meds; however, it’s competitive advantage lies in a significantly less frequency of adverse reactions.

The lower frequency of a certain number of adverse effects distinguishes the drug from the lineup of the modern preparations as well. A range of clinical tests has confirmed that the application of Zoloft can be more effective than Prozac in certain cases.

The preparation contributes to a significant reduction in anxiety manifestations, increasing the quality of life.

Zoloft must dosage must be selected individually by a treating specialist; self-treatment must not be initiated for the reason of significant adverse reactions (lethal cases were registered). The average dose varies from 25mg to 50mg.

The mechanisms of action and clinical effectiveness

The preparation demonstrates less noteworthy effectiveness in treatment of cognitive-behavioral issues (this is where considering combinative treatment can be reasonable).

Although the medication is positioned as a corrector of social phobia and remedy to post-traumatic stress disorders,the efficiency of treatment in both cases demonstrates moderate improvement results.

The original pre-sales clinical trials have shown that Zoloft shows mild to moderate efficacy in treating depression. However, a plurality of more recent studies indicate that the drug may be used as one of the drugs of choice for the treatment of depression in outpatients. Despite the negative results of earlier studies,

Zoloft is also frequently appointed in treatment of patients with depression stationary. Zoloft demonstrates considerable effectiveness in treatment of severe depression and dysthymia as well as in cases of long term, chronic and mild depressive conditions. In accordance with a number of double-blind studies, Zoloft has proved a way higher effectiveness in comparison with placebo dysthymia treatment; it’s effect is ranked as comparable with imipramine. The medication provides a noteworthy improvement in dysthymic patients, outperforming the drugs in other groups and different methods, such as interpersonal psychotherapy (the fact should be underlined that psychological therapy initiated during the treatment course provided no significant improvement).

This data is also supported by a 2-year observation of a group of patients taking sertraline class drugs, and undergoing interpersonal therapy. In treatment of depressive conditions, observed along with obsessive-compulsive disorders, a significant superiority of Zoloft against the background of Norpramine (based on desipramine) was confirmed.

As for the treatment of depression with concomitant panic disorder an equivalence of sertraline and imipramine in terms of efficiency was reported; however, Sertraline was admitted to be much better tolerated.

As for the treatment of depressed patients with comorbid personality traits, it showed certain improvement, and importantly, the improvement was practically independent of the development of depression.

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