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Prednisone is an effective medication representing the group of synthetic (artificial) corticosteroids. In the body, these hormones are produced by the adrenal glands and are responsible for the regulation of carbohydrate, mineral and protein metabolism.

Prednisolone is prescribed when the internal forces of the human is not enough to suppress the inflammatory and painful process.

Prednisone is one of those drugs that are used to treat a variety of diseases and issues in adolescents and children, such as asthma, a variety of skin diseases, adrenal hyperplasia, sumac poisoning, diseases of the gastrointestinal and nervous systems, etc.

Also this drug regulates the function of the adrenal glands, treating nephrotic syndrome, edema, infantile spasms, and hematologic and ophthalmologic diseases. It is inexpensive and effective, so doctors prescribe it often enough.

There’s a point of view that side effects occur in children only if the drug is given at high doses, or used for a long time. When receiving the drug in low doses for short periods of time the risk of side effects is minimized.

Drugs having an active substance prednisone are assigned in many diseases of the joints, asthma, various allergic reactions, systemic connective tissue diseases, etc. Prednisone successfully removes traumatic, burn, and anaphylactic shock. Ophthalmologists are using prednisone for the treatment of inflammation of the eyeballs.

The form and the optimal dosage must be selected by a treating doctor. Uncontrolled taking of prednisone is potentially dangerous, as against the background of hormonal therapy serious side effects may be manifested (the preparation is available in the US by prescription only).

How to take

In replacement therapy the drug is appointed at 20-30 mg per day; while the maintenance dose equals 5-10mg daily on average. If necessary, the daily dosage can be increased up to 100mg per day in adults (15mg in children). The drug should dosage should be adjusted in those suffering from renal failure and kidney problems.

Withdrawal consequences

Prednisolone treatment should be ceased after a reduction in the core symptoms and normalization of test results. However, the doctor can remove the drug and in the case when a side effect is very strong. If hormone therapy is used in an emergency situation for no more than 3 days, you can stop taking prednisone immediately, without fear of withdrawal syndrome.

For patients who on long-term treatment, the physician should choose the optimal scheme of dosage reduction. The fact is that after 2-3 weeks of treatment the ability to produce natural adrenal hormone decreases. To bring it back to normality, the intake of synthetic prednisolone reduced gradually. At the rate of decline affecting the duration of treatment and to take a daily dose.

In a short course of therapy (from 3 days to 2 weeks) a daily intake reduction by 25-50% is optimal. For example, your doctor has prescribed 1 pill per of prednisolone daily for the relief of rheumatoid arthritis attack.

After 5 days of treatment you feel better and the doctor begins to decrease the dose by prescribing the following scheme: the sixth day of treatment - 3/4 tablet, the seventh day - 1/2 tablets, eighth day - 1/4 tablets, the ninth day - treatment course discontinued.

By reducing the prednisolone after three weeks of treatment, the physician focuses on the value of the initial dose. The general rule is the more drugs the patient receives in the beginning, the faster it can be canceled.

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