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Lipitor is a branded medication approved by FDA and appointed to reduce the level of lipoproteins in the blood (the drug helps decrease bad-cholesterol levels). It should be emphasized that the restoration of normal cholesterol levels in Lipitor treatment occurs with the integrated efforts: the patient is following a diet, sticks to healthy lifestyle and undergoes a pharmaceutical treatment appointed by the specialist.

The preparation is used in cases not described in the insert (for example for weight loss); however, the safety of such treatment is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Instructions for use

Lipitor is appointed for increased cholesterol levels treatment, primarily related to unhealthy diet and heredity.

Before the medication is prescribed, the doctor should compose a low-fat diet plan; the treatment course may start with a slight delay after the initiation of diet.

The course requires regular study of cholesterol in the blood, in order to understand the treatment efficiency and progress (blood shall at least once a month).

Thus, in the process of time the most effective dosage is picked up. Generally, the treatment results are checked at the end of the second week of treatment. As a rule, the maximum effect can be observed after a month of taking the medication.

Dosage and administration

The dosage regimen is determined individually. The medication is designed for oral use and can be taken regardless of the meals; starting from 10 mg daily. If necessary, the dose is gradually increased at intervals of 4 weeks. The maximum daily must not exceed 80 mg.

Patients with poor liver function are appointed a lower dose individually. The appointment of the drug should be made only once the results of laboratory and other studies are obtained.

Pharmacological effect

Many known that the basis of atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases is high blood cholesterol, besides the state of the parameter affecting the vascular walls and low-density lipoprotein.

As a result of particular biochemical composition of the blood in the inner lining of the blood vessels atherosclerotic plaques may appear, narrowing the arteries and as a result, interfere with the process of circulation.

The drug may affect cholesterol metabolism as regards its biological synthesis reactions.

The molecule of the substance can have interaction with specific enzymes, with the emergence of persistent connections, then inhibit reductase activity, which in its turn inhibits the conversion of hydroxymethylglutaryl to mevalonate, that’s why the subsequent cholesterol synthesis is broken.

After such an impact not only a decrease in intracellular cholesterol takes place, but also normalization of low-density lipoproteins and increases the percentage of the ratio of healthy fats. A lipid-lowering effect is considered to be dose-dependent and has not linear, but exponential nature, depending on the dose of the drug taken.

In addition to the above actions, the drug affects the rheological properties of blood, making it less dense that the additional impact on the state of health by improving blood supply to tissues and organs. It should be noted, and the antioxidant effect because it serves to protect the inner surface of blood vessels from possible damage by free radicals, which helps to prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Such formations appear mostly in micro breakages producing healthy replacement in tissue lipid deposits. When receiving the drug in case of familial hypercholesterolemia, the risk of myocardial infarction is reduced, as well as the need in hospitalization and the use of other drugs.

Therapeutic concentrations of atorvastatin ingestion are created after 1-2 hours. In women, the figure about 20% higher than that of men. And the metabolization of the substance produced in hepatocytes. Withdrawal of 98% of the drug is carried out with feces and 2% with the urine.

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