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The trend of growth in the number of fungal diseases among the population is explained by the number of objective reasons: a decrease in resistance of microorganisms and the appearance in the diet of people a large number of products containing preservatives, growth hormones, antibacterial agents, and other components that can disrupt homeostasis, change the pH of the skin, the quantitative content of saprophytes skin and mucous membranes of humans.

The protective properties of the microorganisms depends on the integrity of the skin barrier / mucous membranes.

Lamisil represents the antifungal class of drugs; it is characterized by a broad spectrum of action, and primarily utilized in the treatment of infectious lesions of the skin,mucous membranes, hair and nails. The active ingredient, terbinafine, in the small concentrations exhibits fungicidal action against dermatophytes, molds and a range of dimorphic fungi. As for the molds, the activity can be both fungicidal or fungistatic (fungal species).

The preparation has 4 approval records (dating from 1996 to 2010) in the FDA registry; it is available in the US by prescription only at physical pharmacies.

Pharmacological action

According to the clinical observations the drug provides a rapid onset of action: a noteworthy improvement in patient's condition typically occurs within 3-5 days, and complete recovery is achieved after 3-5 weeks after the first intake.

The medication is produced by Swiss company Novartis. Among the systemic antimycotics, Lamisil is the only preparation boasting therapeutic fungicidal activity against the aforementioned issues. The fungicidal effect is accomplished by inhibition of the enzyme squalene epoxidase in the cell membrane early in sterol biosynthesis in fungal cells.

The drug’s action contributes to ergosterol deficiency in intracellular accumulation of squalene, thus contributing to elimination of the fungus cells. The preparation doesn’t have any adverse impact on hormones metabolism.

The high therapeutic efficacy, especially in relation to major pathogens of fungal infections of the skin, hair, nails, high safety, high adsorption, excellent pharmacokinetic properties, lack of resistance of fungi to antifungals, the ability to use together with other medicines, patient-friendly reception modes all the above factors make Lamisil the drug of the first choice for the treatment of patients with dermatomycoses.

Release form and composition

The product is available in the form of tablets, cream, ointment, and spray for external use (the article focuses on tablet form). Lamisil tablets are available for 7 or 14 pieces in a blister pack in 1 or 2 blister. A single pill of the drug comes with 250 mg of the active substance, terbinafine hydrochloride.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed to prevent and treat of the following fungal infections of the skin:

jock itch, tinea pedis, mycosis smooth skin caused by dermatophytes;

multi-colored lichen, caused by the activities of dimorphic fungi;

yeast infections of the skin caused by fungi genus Candida.

How to take Lamisil

The medication is appointed for reception once a day. The dose, as well as the duration of treatment is determined by the physician basing on clinical indications and the patient's condition. The average recommended daily dosage in adults is 1 tablet; for children weighing up to 20 kg - 0.5 of a tablet; weighing from 20 to 40 kg tablet at above 40 kg 1 tablet.

The children reported good tolerability. The recommended duration of administration of the tablets: mycosis of the scalp (more common in children) 4 weeks; tinea pedis (plantar, interdigital or the type of socks) from 2 to 6 weeks; ringworm of the body and legs, skin candidiasis 2-4 weeks; onychomycosis from 6 to 12 weeks (on the hands 6 weeks on the feet 12 weeks) or a period of regrowth of new healthy nail (at a reduced rate of nail growth may require longer treatment). In the absence of concomitant liver dysfunction and/or significant kidney problems, renal function in the elderly patients dose adjustment is not required.

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