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Cytotec, the preparation based on misoprostol, is widely appointed for blood flow stimulation to the mucous membranes, hydrogen generation and mucus protection, as well as healing digestive tract ulcers and erosions. In clinical practice the preparation is also prescribed for prevention the appearance of erosive lesions in the gastrointestinal mucosa.

The drug also provides inhibition of stimulated and nocturnal production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, plus it increases intestinal muscles contractions intensity and frequency.

The onset of action starts is observed approximately 30 minutes after ingestion, while its effect lasts from 3 and up to 6 hours.

One of the particular features of misoprostol is the ability to cause myometrium contractions, so it is therefore used as in complex clinically controlled abortion processes. This indication requires taking the drug in conjunction with mifepristone; the course should be initiated in a hospital setting or at least under the supervision of a specialist.

Application - recommended dosage regimen

To eliminate gastrointestinal tract ulcers and erosions the preparation is appointed at a dosage of 600 - 800 mg daily, divided into several intakes. In certain conditions splitting the recommended dosage of 800 mg in two doses is allowed (the second intake at bedtime is recommended at this case). The treatment course lasts for 1-2 months, followed by surveillance endoscopy aimed at controlling monitoring the remission.

In those suffering from renal failure, kidney issues and/or hypersensitivity problems the dosage is decreased to 100 mcg.

Ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract may emerge on the background of treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory meds.

In this case, during non-steroid treatment recommended to take Cytotec as a prophylaxis measure: 400-800 micrograms divided in 2-4 intakes. The treatment course should be maintained throughout the course of non-steroidal therapy.


The first clinical studies on choosing dosages of mifepristone are conducted using doses ranging from 200 to 800 mg. It has been shown to be effective in the range 63-87% (without use of prostaglandin). No increase in efficiency was observed at doses above 600 mg or repeated administration.

Cytotec is consumed during the third stage of medical abortion. The first one requires a woman undergo tests, the second one implies taking Mifegin 600 mg (active ingredient of the drug - mifepristone) under the supervision of a physician.

In the third stage of medical abortion a woman visits a gynecologist and takes 400 mg of Cytotec (the check up each 36-48 hours is required). In most cases the fertilized egg comes out shortly after taking the pills, at least for a few days. During up to 2 weeks after the abortion vaginal bleeding may be observed.

Not later than 7-10 days after taking the pills Mifegin woman should undergo ultrasound control to monitor the medical abortion progress. Judging by Cytotec reviews, menstruation starts within 26 - 32 days after pregnancy termination.


There’s no clinical data as for the effect in individuals under 18 years old (the drug must not be taken young adults}. Severe hypersensitivity to misoprostol, pregnant or nursing women must not take Cyotec, until the indication is abortion.

The medication should be taken with caution in coronary heart diseases, low blood pressure, atherosclerosis brain, diarrhea, enterocolitis, epilepsy, poor circulation brain. The drug is available by prescription only, self-treatment is not recommended due to significant (up to lethal) outcomes caused by bleeding.

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