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The treatment course of moderate and severe acne forms is typically carried out by applying local agents and systemic antibiotics (birth control preparations may be used in women).

If aforementioned preparation produce insufficient results, or the disease provokes psychological issues, assigning systemic retinoids - Accutane capsules (active ingredient - isotretinoin) can be an effective, non-invasive solution.

Isotretinoin demonstrates decent results in treatment of moderate and severe forms acne forms, plus it may work in cases where other medications don’t give sufficient improvement.

Mechanism of action

The active ingredient of the drug isotretinoin inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, while reducing their size. At the same time it reduces skin rash and inflammations.

The medication inhibits proliferation of sebocytes and normalizes the process of cell differentiation. Even severe acne usually disappears after a single course of treatment with Accutane.

The recurrence rate of acne remains low at the same time - it doesn’t exceed 15%. If another course is needed, then it should appointed no earlier than 8 weeks since the last treatment course.

Accutane should be taken during meals; the daily dosage should be taken 1 or 2 times daily. A month before the treatment is initiated, liver function must be checked; the same procedure should be undergone 3 months after the course is completed.

During the course it is essential to monitor the levels of lipids and triglycerides. It should be understood that the excess of the acceptable level can cause the development of acute pancreatitis. The average treatment lasts for 4-6 months - a particular course is determined by the doctor depending on the patient's condition.

Since the period of the drug thins the stratum corneum, exposure to the sun should be minimized or sunscreen used. It should be noted that during the course and 12 months after taking the drug surgical, cosmetic and laser interference, as well as waxing and dermabrasion are prohibited - otherwise it may lead to permanent scars and age spots.

It is oftentimes recommended to use a moisturizer during the course of treatment.

Dosage regimen

Since the therapeutic efficacy of the drug depends on the patient's condition, the occurring side effects are directly related to the dose of the preparation taken.

The dosage itself is determined by the physician on an individual basis (thus, it varies depending on the condition).

According to Accutane insert, the treatment is initiated with the starting 0.5 mg/kg daily dosage. In most cases, the dosage during the entire course of treatment ranges from 0.5mg to 1 mg per kilo of weight daily. In severe forms of acne administered 2 mg/kg daily dose can be appointed.

The total duration of the course also largely depends on the daily dose. An average treatment course includes using 120-150 mg/kg treatment dose. In case of renal failure, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 1 mg/kg.

Calculate the approximate number of packages for the course can be as follows: the treatment course dosage multiplied by person's weight and divided by the amount of drug in the package. That is, with the weight of a person is 60 kg and a standard daily dose is 0.5 mg, 9,000mg total dose would be needed for the entire course.

Please, Note that the calculation formula is an example - it can not conform to a number of packages required to be purchased. The final calculation can only be made by consulting a doctor.

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