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How to Restore Hearing Loss in One Ear

In most cases if you are suffering from hearing loss in one ear you can restore it with natural methods that are not only safe but very effective. Hearing loss or muffled hearing in one ear can be very annoying. The sooner you begin treating it the better off you will be.

Research has discovered that the tiny workings in your inner ear will start to degrade without the proper nutrients or lack of blood flow. Also free radicals have been shown to damage the inner ear causing hearing loss. However if you’re suffering from hearing loss in just one ear, in most cases it is due to some sort of blockage.

The good news is that this is usually the easiest type of hearing loss to correct. First of all do not stick anything in your ear as this will push the blockage further into your ear and cause further damage. Cotton swabs used improperly can make your problem much worse, so be careful.

Improve your hearing naturally was written to provide natural and safe home remedies you can use to unblock your ears and remove years of built up toxins from your inner ear canals. Most people that use the procedures in the book the first time are completely shocked by the results they see.

If your problem is not due to blockage you can start your regime of natural herbs and supplements to start correcting your problem. While the results aren’t instant they are effective over time. Just like taking multivitamins does not instantly restore your health. Over time your general health will begin to improve. So the sooner you learn which supplements you need to be taking to restore your hearing the better off you will be.

Most doctors will tell you there is nothing you can do or suggest a hearing aid. The problem with most hearing aids is that your hearing adjusts to it over time and it becomes less  and less effective, or requiring constant adjustments. Not to mention most of them are very expensive. You would be much better off in the long run to restore your hearing using natural methods.

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23 Responses to How to Restore Hearing Loss in One Ear

  1. Robert says:

    I have some high frequency hearing loss and it feels like I have constent pressure in my left ear is there anyway that I can restore a little bit of my hearing and get rid of this pressure.

  2. Julianne says:

    so any easy natural fast ways i can clear the blockage in my ear?

  3. margaret miller says:

    I have pressure and buzzing in my ears, rotating both ears. Now my hearing gets worst. Is there any help I can get to restore my hering

  4. selvakumar says:

    i am suffering from sudden hearing loss fron 12thfeb 2010..i immediatetly consulted doctor and doctor gave some treatment..i do not now what to do….can anyone pl help me

  5. Tony says:

    I suffer from senosorial hearing loss in both ears. Do you know any remedies or what I should do in order to correct it?

  6. dharm dev dahiya says:

    be for ten years past brain fever treatment done by doctor.after treatment one ear hearing complete i hearing only one ear and second is completely block.can you help me. now i am working in mnc executive i am 26years old

  7. bastola says:

    i am also suffering from hearing losses. when i checkup doctor he said there are ear mambrain problem if you want tretment you have operation . but i dont want to operation. please help me what to do what not to do i cant find decision. i am poor person how to i get this book please send me way on my email address plz.

  8. Constance says:

    i have recently felt blockage in my right ear, my left ear continues to pop whenever i sneeze or blow my nose… what is the cause of my sudden hearing to my right ear??

  9. NANCY says:


  10. VJ says:

    I have a high frequency hearing loss. Please give some suggestion for improving it..

  11. shariq haque says:

    I have met with an accident 3 years back.
    I went to doctor and he said i have loss of blood circulation in my right ear and hence loss of hearing in my right ear. Further he added there is no possibility to recover it,You just have to preserve your left one.

    So is there any work around,so that i can again start seeing doctor?

  12. Tejal says:

    due to excessive dose of streptomycin i suffering from hearing loss in one ear. i taken the treatment before 8 years, & excessive dose of streptomycin cause this, after this i not taken any treatment for my affected ear. after doing audio-gram doctor found that my affected ear loose 80% hearing. is any natural way to improve hearing.

  13. Tejal says:

    due to excessive dose of streptomycin i suffering from hearing loss in one ear. i taken the treatment before 8 years, & excessive dose of streptomycin cause this, after this i not taken any treatment for my affected ear. after doing audio-gram doctor found that my affected ear loose 80% hearing. is any natural way to improve hearing.

  14. Joe Thandi says:

    Hearing loss in right ear.

  15. Marilyn Bachand-Schneider says:

    I would like to have my hearing restored in my left ear. I have lost 40% of my hearing in that one ear. I heard that there is a surgical procedure that can be done? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Marilyn Bachand-Schneider

  16. Lois says:

    I lost 50% hearing in my right ear. I suspect the following: took too much naproxen for pain, carbon monoxide from a leak in the chimney, alcohol.

  17. benok flor says:

    my bro.was loss hearing when he diagnos have under go to operation.,i want exact or near solution for our problem..,plz.thanks a lot

  18. kishore says:

    i’m suffering from a blockage in my right eustachian tube. doctors said that i had to undergo an operation to fix an artificial eustachian tube. is there any other way to cure it without any surgery ?

  19. carmen says:

    I had a sudden lost of hearing on my right ear when i woke up one day feeling dizzy and vomiting, i was admitted in the hospital with so many test the next day i lost my hearing. I went to otorologist and was prescribed 21 days of steroid (Prednisone) but it didn’t work, i went to Neurologist and had some test and the result is i have a stroke of the ear. Do you think i can still have my hearing back with your natural method?


    lost my hearing in the right ear 6 weeks ago, ear specialist prescript some medication
    which did not solve the problem

  21. emily giles says:

    Have hearing aid in right ear. The ent put me on tremetrine for menires. Lost all hearing in my left ear. Starting to hear noise in left ear but not speech. Lost hearing in left ear april 1. Did steroids with no luck. But now i can hear sounds in deaf ear. Is ther hope? Ent consifering a bone anchored hearing aid in Dec.

  22. Claire says:

    How much will the information cost?

  23. Mike Tucker says:

    The book with bonuses is currently $37 as stated on our main page

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