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Strattera, the preparation based on atomoxetine, is designed for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. The preparation is used in a complex of treatment measures in conjunction with psychological and social adaptation methods. The course of treatment can enhance the ability to focus attention and increase concentration.

Strattera effect is possible due to balance restoration of certain neurotransmitters in the brain and having a positive impact on brain metabolism. Representing reuptake inhibitor of norepinephrine class (noradrenalines), Strattera is approved by FDA (the initial record of a new molecular entity was added to the registry in 2002) allowing the use of the drug in adults and children. However, there’s no clinical evidence on the effect in children under 6 years old.

Strattera is outperforming a range of stimulants as for ADHD treatment, which is largely manifested in a lower risks for potential drug abuse. Another crucial advantage of the medication is that atomoxetine is included in the list of controlled substances, and both pre-approval researches and clinical practice demonstrated 24-hour elimination ADHD-associated symptoms in adults and children.

The onset of effect in terms of general clinical picture is observed no less than a week after the initiation of treatment. To determine the efficacy of Strattera, a relatively prolonged (at least a 6-8 weeks) course is required. The preparation is oftentimes prescribed in those ADHD cases where stimulants demonstrate insufficient effectiveness.

For patients with mental disorders who can not tolerate the action of stimulants, and patients with a medical history of repeated substance abuse, Strattera may be preferred on the basis of amphetamine stimulants. ADHD patients suffering from nervous disorders (facial tics, cramps and so on. D.) are recommended to refrain from stimulant meds.

This is where Strattera is the best drug of choice. Treatment usually begins gradually increasing the dose to minimize the risk of minor side effects. Moreover, some people may be sensitive to the lower doses. If a person is on treatment of stimulants, your doctor may prescribe stimulants gradual reduction in dose to minimize side effects.

The medication was originally designed as a new antidepressant; however, clinical trials didn’t reveal the drug provided the required efficacy. Representing the class of noradrenaline, the scientists have switched to another property and as a result released the remedy for ADHD treatment.

Dosage and administration

The preparation is designed for perioral use and can be taken regardless of meal time once a day (preferably in the morning). In case of adverse reactions in the treatment course implying a single intake, the daily dosage can be split into 2 daily intakes: the first intake during the morning and the second one during the afternoon hours.

For children with less than 70 kg weight the initial daily dose should not exceed 0.5 mg per kg of weight, with the possible gradual increase up to 1.2mg/kg within no less than 3 days.

In the event of insufficient effect the daily dose can be increased up to 1.8 mg/kg; the increase should be gradual and take no less than 2 - 4 weeks. The maximum dosage of 120mg daily must not be exceeded to avoid significant adverse reactions.

In patients with moderate hepatic impairment starting and supporting a therapeutic dose is determined by the treating specialist; however, as a rule it is reduced to 50% from the average recommended dosage. Those suffering from severe impaired hepatic function the dose is typically calculated as 25% from the normally recommended dosage.

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