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Seroquel, based on quetiapine, refers to a group of antipsychotic drugs used in acute and chronic psychoses treatment. A strong advantage of the drug over various quetiapine analogs is its comparatively low side effects frequency.

The reviews of Seroquel have reported that the drug demonstrates various degrees of effectiveness depending on the dosage, that is, for each individual patient an individual dosage of the drug should be selected.

Practice has proved that Seroquel can be safe and effective substitute for other antipsychotics and used by patients for a long time (up to six months) without significant harm to health.

No less important is the ability of the drug to produce a strong antidepressant effect. This feature allows making a choice in favour of Seroquel at a wide range of conditions, including acute schizophrenic psychosis occurring with psychomotor agitation, hostility and aggression and psychosis with impulsive behavior. It is noted that this drug has a pronounced ‘socializing effect’: even with persistent hallucinatory-delusional symptomatology the action of quetiapine in the disorganized behavior is regularly observed.

Currently, antimanic effects of Seroquel have become the scope of studying. Its effectiveness in acute manic state is set at a level that does not differ from the level of the reference drug (haloperidol), in the substantial absence, unlike the latter, of such unwanted adverse reactions as extrapyramidal disorder, hyperprolactinemia, and others. It is stated that the choice of Seroquel in these cases often avoids destination concomitant therapy with benzodiazepines for the relief of psychomotor agitation.

In one of the recent short-term (6 weeks duration) clinical trials held at a psychiatric hospital of Toronto, the positive changes of symptoms were observed in 60% of patients with schizophrenia. It has also been found that the most significant improvements is occurred by the end of the 4th week of therapy.

In the same study we recorded all the side effects resulting from ingestion. Patients did not experience severe adverse reactions. Moreover, all these reactions (dry mouth, drowsiness, etc.) were disappearing in the first week of therapy.

Pharmacological effect

Seroquel is included in neuroleptics class (meds providing antipsychotic effect). The main active ingredient is represented by quetiapine fumarate. The medication is manufactured in the form of round film-coated tablets.

Depending on the form, a tablet may contain 25, 100 or 200 mg of active substance. Repeatedly conducted trials and clinical studies confirm antipsychotic activity of the drug and its effectiveness in treatment of negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia.

The authoritative FDA issued an approval for commercial sales in 1997 (since then a number of records has been added to the registry); it is available by prescription only in the US physical drugstores.

Indications for use

The preparation is prescribed in the following cases:

  • depressive episodes of varying severity - from mild to severe ones ;
  • acute and chronic types of psychosis (schizophrenia in particular);
  • manic episodes of bipolar disorders.

The drug is appointed for 2 intakes daily. To treat psychoses (both acute and chronic types; and schizophrenia in particular) it is assigned in the following regimen: the first day - 50 mg, from 2nd to 4th - 100mg following a 100mg increase each next day. If further treatment is required the daily dosage is appointed in the range of 150 - 750 mg.

The preparation may be appointed as monotherapy for manic episodes of bipolar disorder treatment to stabilize mood. To achieve the positive impact the 4-day course is assigned starting from 100mg on the first day and following a daily increase up to 400mg.

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