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According to epidemiological studies conducted in Europe and Northern America, the prevalence of migraine in the population of high developed regions ranges from 9 to 29%; and a significantly different prevalence in different age groups is observed.

The treatment of migraines involves symptom relief and prevention. The main goal of treatment is to eliminate the attack of headache and the associated autonomic symptoms.

The successful relief of the next attack contributes to adherence to prescribed treatment and improves the quality of life. Today, for the treatment of migraine the use of drugs of different pharmacological classes is encouraged.

Imitrex is the ‘gold standard’ drug for the treatment of migraines. The efficacy and safety of sumatriptan, its active ingredient, was studied at 300 thousand attacks in more than 60 thousand patients in clinical trials and 200 million. attacks in clinical practice for 15 years of its application.

Pharmacological action

Pharmacological studies of sumatriptan demonstrated that it has a highly specific effect on the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. In a much lesser extent it affects arteries of different localization.

At the cellular level, sumatriptan has a specific effect on the serotonin receptors 1-D (5HT-1-D). Stimulation of these receptors causes a decrease of pain and headaches.

Side effects of sumatriptan are feeling the heat and pressure throughout the body, especially the unpleasant feeling of squeezing in the chest (the latter effect is explained by spasm of the esophagus). Experimental studies have shown that in patients experiencing chest discomfort after taking sumatriptan, the ECG is completely normal.

However, there are described cases of myocardial infarction after taking sumatriptan. Occasionally the treatment develops true hallucinations and anxiety. Thus, in general, sumatriptan side effects do not differ from those of ergotamine, except that the first drug are less intense and less durable.

Imitrex suppresses migraine headaches when administered orally. After an intake the onset of action will vary in different patients, ranging from 30 to 120 minutes (in some cases it acts already after 9-10 minutes).

In the study, patients were administered 100 mg of sumatriptan. In 70-80% of patients within the next two hours after an intake the pain disappears completely or remains low, as well as completely or almost completely restored ability to work. In the placebo group, only 28% have managed to achieve the same result.

Dosage and administration

The tactic of waiting today is recognized as non-efficient. Migraine attacks can last up to 72 hours, and the more time passes since the beginning of the first symptoms of a migraine, the worse response to treatment is.

If you take the medication as soon as possible after the first signs of a migraine, it is often possible to completely prevent or significantly reduce the intensity and duration of headaches and faster return to work or social activity.

A dose of 200 mg of sumatriptan acted somewhat more effective, but much more likely to cause side effects. It is recommended to increase Imitrex dosage with an increase in headache. Studies have shown that administration of the drug during migraine aura is ineffective and should be taken with a moderate headache.

When taken orally, the drug is prescribed 25-50mg. You can re-take the same dose of an hour. If necessary, take medication every hour for 8-12 hours. The maximum daily dose is 200 mg.

The half-life of blood serum sumatriptan is relatively short. Therefore, even after the initial relief, 40-50% of patients have recurrent headaches. Do not completely clear whether these relapses with a short half-life of sumatriptan, or the so-called phenomenon of impact, coming after reducing the concentration of drug in the blood.

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