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The chemical structure of Effexor doesn’t allow to make an unambiguous decision as for the class of antidepressants it belongs to (so it is neither a tetracyclic, nor a tricyclic drug). There’s a point of view that the drug refers to aracemate 2 active enantiomers.

Antidepressive effect and its mechanism of action are directly related to the drug’s ability to transmit the nervous impulse, or more precisely, to accelerate its transmission in the CNS.

It is confirmed that the drug at constant reception and a single administration can significantly reduce beta-adrenergic activity, they also have exactly the same effect on the reuptake of neurotransmitters. The active ingredient, venlafaxine, was added to the list of FDA approved drugs in 1993, and since then the registry was updated with new formulation records twice.

Effexor is primarily appointed to treat depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social adaptation issues and panic disorders. The impact on the body depends on the dosage: low concentrations (up to 150mg daily), produce a positive effect on serotonergic and noradrenergic systems, while in dosages exceeding 300mg the drug affects dopaminergic neurotransmission.

In some patients taking Effexor to eliminate major depression, generalized anxiety disorder and/or social phobias, a significant weight loss was observed during Effexor course; nevertheless, the manufacturer doesn't recommend using the drug as an anorectic agent.

Venlafaxine is included in a modern chemical class of phenylethylamine, which gathers amphetamines, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and methamphetamine. Its chemical structure can probably give an idea of its activating properties, but some patients report of noteworthy sedative action, despite the general stimulating effect.

Due to the drug’s nature of effect on serotonergic and adrenergic systems, Effexor is also appointed as a mean to treat episodes of cataplexy form of muscle weakness in patients with sleep disorders and narcolepsy.

Dosage regimen

The preparation is designed to be taken periorally with meals. The capsules should be swallowed wholly with plenty of water. Do not split capsules/divide them into several doses - if the capsule is split or damaged it is no longer safe to use.

It is absolutely essential to take the preparation at the same time during the day, preferably in the morning or at bedtime. To combat depression a starter daily dosage of 75mg is typically selected. The decision to adjust the dosage should be made by the specialist, self-treatment can cause significant side effects. The daily amount of the drug can be increased by the specialist up to 150 mg.

The maximum daily dosage is limited by 350 mg. Once the therapeutic effect goal is achieved, a gradual decrease in daily dosage divided into several periods must be initiated. An average depression treatment course takes 6 months. Once Effexor treatment is completed, stabilizing treatment or therapy may be required to cut down the risk of a possible relapse.


Effexor, available by prescription only, is designed for intake in individuals under 18 years old. In accordance with post-approval FDA research data, Effexor contributes to a noteworthy, up to 500% increase in suicidal thoughts and behavior in patients under 25 years old.

Among adolescents who have attempted to commit suicide with the initiation of the treatment and the beginning of the study, the amount of suicide attempts and self-mutilation cases observed after the transition to Effexor has jumped to a higher frequency of around 60% (against the after the transition to SSRI meds).

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